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Infinity Connections Bracelet
Time Machine Earrings
The Collector
The Collector Time Machine
The Collector Dodecahedron CU
River's Time Bracelet
Time Capsule
Lace Overlay Cuboctohedron
Lemon Kickers Earrings
Prismatic Infinity Necklace
Prismatic Infinity Necklace
Silver Star Lace Bracelet
Jeanee-Rachel Bracelet
Ionic Polyhedra, 3,4,5 Necklace
Dodecahedron variations
Ionic Icosahedron Pendant
Dungaree Bracelet
Brickels Bracelet
Color Explosion Dodecahedrons
Prismatic Bezelled Rivolis and Beads
Mardi Gras Dodecahedrons

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